Frequently Ask Questions


Is Kite Living Mexico a real estate agency?

No, we are NOT another real estate agency. We are a unique real estate digital platform and network of kitesurfers in Mexico.

How much does it costs to promote a property in Kite Living Mexico?

Is total free. We don’t charge any amount of money or subscription to upload your property into our platform. In case your property is sold thanks to our help, we charge a fee, lower than any real estate agency would charge.

How can I be part of the network?

Join us if you are passionate about kiteboarding and you offer any real estate service in a Mexican kitesurfing destination. Apply here: Join our Network

How much does it cost to be a member of your kitesurfers network?

Is total free. We will promote your real estate services to our market without cost.  In case we help you to connect with a customer and you end up providing your service, we will charge a fee.