“A unique and innovating Real Estate Startup in Mexico developed by Kitesurfers”
Our digital platform and kitesurfers network helps you to:


➤  Buy, sell and find properties & real estate investment opportunities in Mexican kite destinations.
➤  Provide full range of services in the real estate industry/sector in Mexican kite destinations.

Intentions & Impacts

Our purpose, that is, “the Why”, goes beyond helping kitesurfers to buy properties and offering them real estate services. At Kite Living Mexico we are committed to be a change agent for our country and generating actions with value.
Kite Living México, is the driver that will funnel kitesurfers and real estate investments to Mexican coasts, based on three fundamental impacts:
1.- Social    2.- Environmental   3.- Economic 


At Kite Living México we want to inspire and have an impact in the lives of our clients, networkers and local population through a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


A)-CLIENTS: We see a great opportunity for buyers who want a property in one of Mexico’s kitesurfing destinations to be closer to where they can practice their passion or hobby –kitesurfing– for a longer period of time. This will definitely have a positive impact on the buyers’ physical and mental health.


B)-NETWORKERS: Kite Living Mexico encourages networkers to mix their work with their passion. We want that networkers’ approaches, appointments or work meetings with clients can happen outside the office and in not-so-formal places, where both can kitesurf, before or after talking about the business.


C).- LOCAL COMMUNITY: Our intention is to promote the sport in the local community and the population of Mexico’s shores. We want to provide them with alternative sport options at their beach. We also want to explore this new sport and promote a healthy lifestyle, especially in children and young people.


Nowadays, there is a sector within the real estate industry and conventional tourism, which has invasively damaged and environmentally degraded certain beaches of our country. This, in addition to the ecological deterioration, has meant fewer and fewer spaces for kitesurfing in Mexico.


At Kite Living Mexico, we believe that possession and ownership of real estate on the country’s beaches should be the responsibility of the greatest number of people possible, who do have a mentality of respect and connection with the environment.


In essence, kitesurfers are people who value and respect all the elements where we practice our sport: the sea, the wind, the waves, the beaches, etc, and most of kitesurfers have a vision of creating sustainable projects and promoting respect for the environment. We can verify this with what has been built and developed in other kitesurfing destinations around the world.


At Kite Living Mexico, we seek to funnel a greater number of kitesurfers to the Mexican coasts. That way, kitesurfers can promote ecological awareness, activate more kitesurfing spaces and develop projects or businesses with less impact on the environment.


Kite Living Mexico is the driver that will redirect economic resources to these destinations, through investments and projects that our kitesurfing clients undertake. Whether they are hotels, restaurants, tourist service companies, vacation homes or any other type of business.


Consequently, this will allow a greater flow of capital and income for the population, with an increase in local commerce and the activation of the “ideal” type of tourism for these destinations. In addition, it will generate new sources of employment and give local people the opportunity to open their own businesses.


This way, we will be able to fight certain problems that exist in several Mexican beach towns. For example, it is very common for the fishing industry to be the only work choice for the local population. This affects whether there is a saturation of jobs in this activity and the over-exploitation of natural resources. Also causing in many cases, that the local labor force, either the father or the children, are forced to leave their town and their family in search of other job alternatives.

Our vision is to be a catalyst that helps promote, activate and transform multiple beaches in Mexico into new kitesurfing destinations. Above all, generating a symbiosis with its inhabitants and their environment.

We Get ... We Give

We are deeply grateful to the Mexican kite destinations and their local people for allowing us to live and coexist in these places. Therefore, our aim is and always be to give back something of what they have given to us.
Part of our incomes are designated to support the sustainable growth and development of these locations and communities through different programs and non-profit organizations.

Our Ethos

  • The earth DOES NOT belong to us, we belong to it, and therefore, every project that is built on or for the earth, must have a deep respect and love for it.
  • We believe in the importance of promoting Mexico´s cultural heritage and natural resources in an environmentally-sustainable way.
  • We create awareness in others by striving to live a healthy and coherent life, in full harmony with the environment and its inhabitants, thus, creating a positive impact on them so that they, too, come to value the place where they live as much as we do.
  • We establish close communication with locals, to understand their general background and to preserve their native beliefs and traditions.
  • We live in kitesurfing destinations in Mexico, in order to foster economic development in Mexican coastal towns and their communities.
  • We believe in “Sharing economy” principles, in a world that is more connected by the use of online platforms such as ours, helping people live in a more united way and with a better quality of life.
  • We are always looking for balance in all realms of life; in our profession, our passions, as well as our physical, mental and spiritual aspects.

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