“A unique and innovating Real Estate Startup in Mexico developed by Kitesurfers”

The Platform

Our technology simplifies the search for a home, land/lot, apartment or commercial property for sale located at kitesurfing beaches in Mexico. We connect kitesurfers with property owners. Likewise, our platform helps you to find real estate services provided by our networkers.


Meet our team of creators, developers and representatives.

Miguel Angel Valverde
Tina Lang
Jaime Ancira Valverde
Luis Valdivia

Investment & Business Advisor

Gerardo Quintana

Legal Advisor

Martina Valenzuela

Property Manager

Armando Rangel

Web Design

Rodrigo de Anda

Baja California Advisor

Fernando Camarena

Pacific Advisor

Luisa Gudiño

Riviera Maya Advisor

Joshua Heinz

Riviera Maya Advisor

Our Ethos

  • The earth DOES NOT belong to us, we belong to it, and therefore, every project that is built on or for the earth, must have a deep respect and love for it.
  •  We believe in the importance of promoting Mexico´s cultural heritage and natural resources in an environmentally-sustainable way.
  • We establish close communication with locals, to understand their general background and to preserve their native beliefs and traditions.
  • We seek, travel, work and live in different kitesurfing destinations in Mexico, in order to foster economic development in Mexican coastal towns and their communities.
  • We believe in “Sharing economy” principles, in a world that is more connected by the use of online platforms such as ours, helping people live in a more united way and with a better quality of life.
  •  We create awareness in others by striving to live a healthy and coherent life, in full harmony with the environment and its inhabitants, thus, creating a positive impact on them so that they, too, come to value the place where they live as much as we do.
  •  We are always looking for balance in all realms of life; in our profession, our passions, as well as our physical, mental and spiritual aspects.

Supported by:

We Get ... We Give

We are deeply grateful to the Mexican kite destinations and their local people for allowing us to live and coexist in these places. Therefore, our intention is and always be to give back something of what they have given to us.
Part of our incomes are designated to support the sustainable growth and development of these locations and communities through different programs in fields such as environmental, social, sportive, educational and infrastructure.